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On the site you will find information about walks and cycle rides, bus and train routes and the cheapest fares.The site is for residents and tourists in Lewes and the surrounding area.

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Travellog Lewes is involved in a number of claims to establish rights of way by getting evidence that people have used them for the last 20 years.  Full details here


You can find details of the best Lewes train tickets in the trains section. The sidebar will lead you to more detailed pages To plan a trip from your door by bus, train, by bicycle or on foot see the Traveline web site

Information about Lewes buses and coaches can be found in the bus section The sidebars here will show you how to find out where the buses go, when they run and how to get the best fares.

The Lewes walks section describes a number of walks around Lewes that you can do, travelling to and from the walk by public transport. For a walking map of Lewes, including how to get to Lewes from the South Downs Way see here (map produced by Lewes Town Partnership)

The Lewes cycling section describes a number of short and long cycle rides starting from or passing through Lewes.

For a Newhaven port - Lewes - Portsmouth ferry terminal cycle route see here

For the London to Paris Cycle route (Paris - Londres a velo) via Lewes see here


I’ve researched all these carefully, but things change and mistakes get made- check when you book. Please let me know of any errors or changes you find. If there is anything that you think ought to go in the newsletter please email me at

Have a good look at the date at the top of each page. This tells you when the information was compiled or amended. Things may have changed since then!


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