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Avoiding London coming from the North West




If you are travelling by train from the North West or West Midlands and your train stops at Watford junction you may find it quicker and more relaxing to change there. Southern trains leave Watford junction every day at 51 minutes past the hour, making a connection with the 36 past Brighton train at Clapham junction Monday to Saturday. On Sundays there is a slightly longer connection with a direct Lewes train.  If your train coming back stops at Watford after half past the hour this is worth considering.  You can ask the train manager on your train to check the times for you, but before you commit yourself have a look at the connection times they recommend.  They system their machines tap into has some very tight connection times, especially for getting across London on the tube Watford Junction has a waiting room on the platform with a small buffet.

I wouldn’t recommend it going out though, since by the time your northbound train stops at Watford junction all the seats may be taken.