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Bus and Train together, plusbus tickets



Got a journey where you are going to need to use bus and train? Get a plusbus ticket.  They allow you to use your ticket on the trains and the buses. For adults this will always be cheaper than buying separate tickets.  For example if you buy a train ticket to Brighton  you can pay £2 extra and get free transport on Brighton buses in an area bounded by Shoreham, Patcham, Falmer and Newhaven.  Railcard holders get 1/3 off the price of daily plusbus additions.  You can add plusbus fares onto season tickets.  For a weekly season add £9 in Brighton and for a monthly add £30.  There are no railcard discounts on seasons. Plusbus is not necessarily a good deal if you qualify for childrens’ or young person’s reductions on the buses.

 Plusbus tickets are also available for many other areas.  See  Locally these include Ashford, Bognor, Gatwick Crawley and 3 Bridges, Eastbourne Polegate and Hailsham,  Haywards Heath, Rye Tenterden and Lydd.  But you are not limited to the South East. For example you can book a ticket to Sheffield which will give you the freedom of Sheffield’s buses for a day.  Daily tickets are usually reduced by a third for railcard holders

 You can only buy and use a plusbus ticket on days when you are also making a rail journey. So if you are travelling to Sheffield on Friday, you can buy a plusbus ticket for use in the city on that day. And you can also buy a Sheffield plusbus ticket for use on the Sunday, if that is the day of your return rail journey.

 You can buy plusbus tickets on line on the Southern web site and many other train company web sites.  Type in your destination and add "plusbus" to it   (for example Brighton plusbus).  But check that you are getting the cheapest possible ticket by also checking the fare without plusbus.  It should only be a couple of quid cheaper.

From  22nd May 2011 plusbus tickets, which allow you to buy bus tickets with your train tickets, will be available in Lewes.  Your plusbus ticket will allow you to ride on all buses except the 25, in an area including Rodmell, Kingston, South Chailey, Ringmer and Selmeston.

 Confusingly, if you have a train ticket to or from Brighton you can already buy a plusbus ticket for an extra £2 which allows you to travel on buses in Brighton and on the buses back to Lewes.

  Plan your journey at  This is the national version of our local Traveline south east.