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Coach excursions and holidays



When Travel Log first started a number of people asked about day trips and holidays by coach. They bemoaned the fact that no one seemed to offer these from Lewes.  I’ve now been able to find out a bit more.

Coach day trips, short breaks and holidays tend to be popular with older people who do not want to drive and want a pick up near to their home.  This can be particularly important with some day trips, which can start very early in the morning.  There is also a market for students and young holiday makers who want to see Britain on a very low budget.  I’ve found the following providers:

LJ Edwards offer day trips, short breaks and holidays.  They are based in Hailsham but offer Lewes pick-ups on some of their day trips where the destination is west or north of Lewes.  Unfortunately the pick-up point is the bus stop in Malling Street next opposite Caffyns, which is not particularly convenient.  They also pick up near Polegate and Eastbourne stations.  For their short breaks and holidays Lewes is in the area where they will pick you up from your house in a taxi for no extra charge.

Discovery tours aims at the student and young people market and so have a pick up point at Falmer for the universities, at the bus stop right next to the railway station.

Coach and Newmarket holidays offer holidays and short breaks.  They will run feeder services from Lewes for many of their holidays.  The pick-up point for Newmarket holidays is outside Waitrose. Coach also have a number of holidays and excursions by rail.

The Lewes community bus continues to run excursions once a month.  These are short excursions from Lewes.  Contact

CTLA has also started to run day excursions, which are particularly useful for people who cannot use ordinary buses and trains.  Please call the office on 01273 517332 to be told about future trips