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The community  bus is open to anyone

The bus has expanded from its original Landport base.  It is run as a club; people have a membership card which they should have with them when they come on the bus; but the membership comes free with the first journey payment in any calendar year and the person is then a member for the whole of that year.  We expanded membership opportunities to Clevedown by popular request, then the Winterbourne council properties, and will now take anyone from anywhere in the town subject to having a seat available that month to sit them on!

The Bus starts from the Meridian at 10 am and 11 am on days when it hsa the 2 circuits first, and then goes right round Landport in about 10 minutes, then down Offham Road, over the Causeway and arrives at the door of Tesco about 14 minutes past, back over the bridge, Waitrose and the Sunday market stop 18 minutes past, round to the Station for 20 past, along Southover High Street to Winterbourne, up through there to the main door of Clevedown, out through Barons Down, along the Brighton Road, into Warren Drive, out, across the traffic lights to Western Road, turn in County Hall Car park , back up to the lights and a stop at the Hospital.  Then a circuit of the Nevill up South Way and back down with a stop at the shops at the junction of Highdown and Mount Harry Roads, back onto the Nevill Road and left into Wallands at Christie Road, through Wallands and then out to the Landport again.  Most customers are from Landport or Clevedown, with a couple of Winterbourne regulars and intermittent passengers from Western Road and Nevill..and a one time passenger from the St Pancras flats in Southover.

The bus runs once a month

For more details phone 476720 or