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Community Transport

Up and down the country there are a number of non-profit organisations called Community Transport which aim to meet the travel needs of people who cannot use public transport. The popular misconception is that Community Transport is only for the more mature and the less mobile but in fact it can be used by anyone who meets the criteria of not having access to public Transport. This can be for any reason including distance from the nearest bus service or simply if there is no suitable timetabled service available when needed.

Our local charity offering this service is called Community Transport for the Lewes Area (CTLA) and you may have seen their minibuses with this logo around the Town and surrounding villages. For more information on their services to individuals and Community Groups please visit CTLA has no regular core funding from central or local Government, so this restricts what it can offer. The good news is that following allocation of funds to ESCC to support Community Transport by  Norman Baker in his capacity as a Transport Minister CTLA has been able to expand its services.

For some years East Sussex County Council has fully funded a service for Lewes town, but this is only available on Tuesdays and Fridays between 9 am and 2pm and only to destinations in Lewes town. So if you needed to come back in the afternoon or to travel on another day then tough. Worse, Tuesday mornings and Fridays must be shared with people from outlying villages who need to get to Lewes, so Lewes residents have needed to compete with them to get a slot.

The additional funding has enabled CTLA to offer a five day a week service of which one day [currently Mondays] is solely for Lewes residents but if there is sufficient demand on other days CTLA may be able to accommodate your requests on those days. The service can be used for any type of journey within the Town such as getting to the Victoria Hospital, your local Doctors or Dentists, shops and supermarkets or just meeting friends for a bite to eat or chat.  If you are interested in using the Lewes Community Bus Dial a Ride service please see here

From April 2014 there is a charge for the dial a ride service even if you have a bus pass.

CTLA provides the bus and the driver for the once monthly Sunday community bus organised by Ruth O’Keeffe.

CTLA has also started to run day excursions, which are particularly useful for people who cannot use ordinary buses and trains.  Please call the office on 01273 517332 to be told about future trips