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Don't Lose Your Rights of Way

At the end of 2025 all rights to use most routes that are not on the official map of rights of way or list of roads maintained by the county council will be lost. The owner will be able block the route (for example if they want to build houses on the site).

 So a group of us from the Open Spaces Society, Mid Sussex Bridleways Group, Ramblers Association and other concerned organisations have started trying to get these routes put on the official map of rights of way in Sussex.

 Sometimes these routes have been out of use for many years and we need to do historical research.  But often the routes at risk of closure have been in regular use by lots of people up to the present day. You may be surprised by many of the routes at risk.

 In this case we need evidence to show that people have used the route for the at least the last 20 years as of right – without having a lease or legal agreement, or the special permission of the landowner.

 Obviously it is harder to get evidence for the earlier part of this period, so if you used a route in the 1990s this is particularly important information, but we welcome evidence for any period up to the present day.

 Below you will find details of the routes currently being researched.  In each case you will find basic details plus and evidence form for you to print off, fill in and return to us. If more than one person in your household has used the route please print off and return a form for each person.

 Some of the questions may seem a bit odd.  This is because we need to meet some complicated legal conditions.  Please answer all the questions honestly, but it is ok to say “I can’t remember” or “I don’t know”.

 Please send it to “Don’t Lose Your Way”, 12 Cleve Terrace, Lewes, BN7 1JJ.  There may also be a different address on the bottom of the form and you can send to that address as well if you prefer.  You can also print the form, sign it, scan it and email the scan to

Updates will be posted here, but this is a slow process



BARCOMBE MILLS- Old toll road


It’s an attractive and well used route which crosses a number of strands of the river on old bridges. The road crosses the bridge in the picture.  It is used by many people But at the moment  the old road from the point where it leaves the main road, near the car park, to the old toll house, could be closed at any time, if the Environment Agency(which is the land owner) decides to do so..

 This is because, route is not on the official map of rights of way or the list of roads maintained by the council.

 To keep it safe by adding it to the map of rights of way, we need to show that people have used it “as of right” without asking permission or having an individual agreement with the landowner for at least the last 20 years. We need people who have used the route during that time to give evidence by filling in the attached form.  We need evidence from walkers, horse riders and cyclists.

 Because people move it is harder to get evidence of use at the start of the period, so we are particularly keen to get evidence of use in the 1990s, but all evidence is very welcome.

Download a form here and return it to the address on the form.