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Groupsave tickets


Once these were a great bargain, offering up to half price travel.  The tickets are designed to deal with the fact that, if there are 3 or 4 of you, it may often be very much cheaper to go in the car rather than the train.

So groupsave tickets offer reductions on people travelling together.  However now the discount is only one third of the fare for one person.  This applies for any group of between 3 and 9

 You can book groupsave tickets on the southern web site.

 You cannot get any railcard discounts with group save tickets.  Be warned that you all have to travel together all the time.  If one person drops out that makes both their and the rest of the group’s tickets invalid.  I even got into trouble once at Lewes because two people went out of one exit and two went out of the other.

However, the people in your group all have railcards there is often no advantage in using these tickets.