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How much is your car costing you


Everybody knows it costs serious money to run a car.  According to the AA the typical running cost of a car with an original price of £12-14k with petrol at £1.12 per litre is just over 20p a mile. To this must be added standing costs of nearly £3,000 per year- a substantial amount of which is taken up with depreciation. The AA doesn’t include an amount for depreciation in running costs, but typically the value of a used car will go down if it has done high mileage.  So the running costs figure might be more than this.  Obviously these are ball park figures and costs will vary according to the value of the car, its age and so on.

Of course if you can get rid of the car (or one of your cars) then public transport, even coupled with the occasional taxi, will be much cheaper for many people.

We also need to adopt something like the Swiss system where you buy a pass that covers a set area (say Lewes/Brighton/Newhaven) for a set period and you can travel as often as you like by bus and train in that period at no further charge, taking away the disincentive to travel by public transport that is inevitable in pay as you go systems