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November 2018



Rail services

No trains will call at Lewes, Falmer, Glynde or Southease from 5pm on 5 November until the first timetabled trains on the morning of 6 November 2018. Online journey planners such as National Rail Enquiries will be updated closer to the time.

Trains will run non-stop through these stations.  There will be no connection at Lewes, so if you want to go from London, Croydon etc. to Seaford you will need to change at Brighton.

The 16.16 service from London Victoria will stop at Cooksbridge at 17.20 and then continue non-stop to Polegate. Cooksbridge station will then be closed until the first timetabled trains on the morning of 6 November 2018.


The Brighton buses information is not yet on their web site but last year from 16.30 they stopped serving all the bus stops between Malling Hill (The Spinneys) and the Kingston roundabout, so these stops will be the nearest you can use.  Services will run via the Culfail Tunnel and the A27.

Compass bus have also not set out their alterations, but are expected to stop running at about 4.30.

Check your journey at Traveline South East


Although Brighton Buses is discouraging people from buying scratchcards to pay their bus fare, they are still available from:

            Leicester Road Store           1 Leicester Road      Lewes            BN7 1SU

            Lewes & Seaford Tourist Information       187 High Street        Lewes            BN7 2DS

            Martins Branch 6802           54 High Street          Lewes            BN7 1XE

The cost is £5 per day or £25 for the week. £5is the same as buying a return to Brighton from Lewes on the bus, but if you are going to get on more than one bus, or you are travelling towards Tunbridge Wells, the fare will be cheaper than buying on the bus. So you can nip into Martins or the tourist office in the High Street and save money However you can get cheaper fares by using their smart card or mobile phone ticket.


Cycle Lewes will hold its AGM on Tuesday, 30th October at the Elephant and Castle pub, White Hill (Upstairs Room) 7.30-9pm. One of the main items on the agenda will be the adoption of its Cycling Strategy for Lewes following a wide engagement process over the summer months. Discussion on the proposed action plan and priorities to implement it will also be discussed.

 A new Committee, including Chair and Treasurer will be elected and we are looking for more members (and potential members) to get involved in our work. 

 There will be plenty of time to talk about the ‘Ups and Downs’ of cycling in Lewes – so come along, bring your stories and any photo shots to share!.

 See the Cycle Lewes Facebook Page for further details 


Network Rail have called for passengers to comment on plans to remove the infamous “Croydon bottleneck” on the Brighton main line.

The plans would see additional tracks laid in the Croydon area as well as the simplification of the “spaghetti junction” where South coast lines meet London routes and an upgrade for East Croydon

A six-week public consultation period will take place from 5 November to 17 December 2018 to give passengers, businesses and members of the public the opportunity to have their say on the proposals.

They can do so online at or by completing a questionnaire which will be handed out at stations along the Brighton Main Line including Brighton, Gatwick Airport, East Croydon, London Bridge and London Victoria.


Check out my other web site:  All the news they don’t want you to hear about your town and around.

  Less congestion. Reduced pollution. Safer roads.- a message from Living Streets

Walking and cycling put first.

Whether we have children or not, we all stand to benefit from making the Walk to School safer and more enjoyable.

There is a range of ways our councils can make streets safer for walking to school by reducing congestion and putting pupils and their families first.

Why not urge your council to make the roads around your local school less congested, less polluted and safer?

Email your local councillors using our simple online action to push for improvements to make children safer on their way to and from school.

Write to your council

Our online action allows you to highlight a local school and focus on the solutions that are most suitable for streets where you live, be they:

School Road Closures - closing streets to cars outside schools at the start and end of the school day.

Controlled Parking Zones - prohibiting parking on streets around aschool.

20mph Speed Limits - lowering speeds around a school.

Write to your local councillors now and urge them to take action where you live.




Sussex Community Rail Partnership is a non-profit organisation trying to connect people with their railways and local stations. They look for potential community partners who would like to improve their local stations.


In the past Sussex Community Rail have helped gardening groups such as London Road and school artwork projects across the county. Have a look at their website there are some good examples of how their have helped community groups

They would love to work with community partners along the route. The Seaford to Brighton line officer is Catherine Simmons If you are a community group or individual who would like to look at partnership projects please do contact them

Sussex Community Rail Partnership have also worked closely with schools and colleges on rail safety training and planning to travel independently by train. They work closely with young people who are experiencing barriers to travelling independently to deliver training that will encourage confident safe independent travel. They offer this training free so if you would like to recommend them to a school you know they can contact



Article taken from Brighton Buswatch

On 9 October the Brighton & Hove City Council Environment, Transport and Sustainability (ETS) Committee approved Valley Gardens Phase 3 plans to progress to detailed design and public consultation. This covers the area south of Edward Street, around Old Steine to the Palace Pier roundabout.

Four main options were considered. All involve four traffic lanes on the east side of the Old Steine two in each direction. In preferred Option 1 the Palace Pier ‘Aquarium’ roundabout would be replaced with traffic lights. The area in front of the Royal Pavilion where northbound buses use listed art deco shelters would be pedestrianised. Instead northbound buses from North Street would have to turn left after the War Memorial opposite Sainsbury’s Local. Southbound buses heading for North Street would follow the same alignment (as today) but the long bus stop opposite Sainsbury’s Local (stop H) would go. The replacement bus stop locations are totally inadequate. Brighton & Hove Buses had asked for more space for bus stops but these plans provide less. The only bus lanes would be on the south side of the Old Steine. Elsewhere buses would have to share road space with general traffic. So buses would no longer benefit from priority measures, which inevitably means slower and fewer bus journeys.

 There were almost 50 million bus journeys in Brighton & Hove last year, that’s more per head than anywhere in the country except London. This has been achieved through a strong partnership between the Council and bus companies over twenty-five years, resulting in new bus lanes and other priority measures; some of these are now under threat.

 The scheme has been designed to ease traffic flows by reducing the number of road junctions. It was made clear at the meeting that all modelling had been based on improving the road traffic flows, no attempt had been made to model pedestrian or cycle movements. The cycle lanes end abruptly at both ends and cyclists would have to mix with pedestrians on pavements before crossing roads to reach other cycle lanes, which makes no sense.

 Council debate ignored bus users

Members of the ETS Committee debated the Valley Gardens Phase 3 proposals for almost an hour on 9 October. During that time buses were only mentioned briefly, once. Facilities for bus users were completely ignored. Councillors were only interested in the roundabout, access from Madeira Drive and Dukes Mound (one mile away) and blaming each other for delays to the scheme. Most bus journeys pass through Old Steine and the proposed changes will have a huge impact. You have to wonder whether members of the transport committee ever travel by bus.

  A public consultation opened on 15 October with a small display in Hove Town Hall. This is not easy to find it as it faces away from the entrance door in the Customer Service Centre. The on line consultation is available at  and it is open until 25 November. The display moves from Hove Town Hall to Jubilee Library in Brighton between 1 & 21 November. Staff will be available between 10am and 4pm on 23, 25 & 27 (1pm on 27th) October and 3 November. Also 8 & 13 November 10am to 7pm. If you use buses through Old Steine please make sure you have your say. Full details of the proposed scheme with plans are available at:$$ADocPackPublic.pdf (scroll to pages 73-89)

 Buswatch would like to support the Phase 3 proposals but the current plans are unacceptable because they fail to take account of the needs of bus passengers. If implemented as shown there is a real risk of more congestion for buses leading to slower journeys which will discourage bus travel. In London badly planned road schemes have led to a significant decline in bus use recently and big cuts to bus services are now planned. We must not let that happen here. Buswatch has been discussing the implications with bus companies and we know they share many of our concerns. We have now been invited to a meeting with the Project Team. Hopefully they will accept some changes to the design.

Here you can find Brighton Buswatch’s alternative scheme


This month’s selection:

Rotherfield Ramble

An exploration of the delightful High Weald south of Tunbridge Wells  featuring woodland, streams and the hill village of Rotherfield, using the 29 bus from Lewes  7.5 miles

Secret Lanes of Lower Dicker.

5.5miles 8.9km Beautiful secret lanes, level walking, quiet fields, lovely undiscovered woodland and a link with the second world war Normandy landings. A secret waiting to be discovered. One part that may be a little overgrown, but there is an alternative.

Chiddlingly, Picasso and Rum Doings in the Low Weald

Woodlands, fields, art and history and an introduction to the issues of keeping footpaths open. 7 miles, 10 km, gentle, slightly undulating countryside.

Marching to Battle

A lovely varied walk through Wealden woods and hills, using the London to Hastings Railway and ending at famous Battle.  It starts at Robertsbridge Station, which may seem a long way from Lewes, but if you consult Travel Line South East to get a good connection, you can be there in little more than an hour. 7.4 miles/12km.  Rolling hills and a couple of moderately steep climbs



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