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The Seaford and District Bus Company has pulled out of this route.

East Sussex Council  has arranged for the current timetable to continue until the end of March, with Compass Travel taking over the running of the service from 12 February. This is to give service users time to adjust to a new more limited timetable that will be introduced from 3 April.

 The new 125 timetable from 3 April will still offer buses on Mondays to Fridays, rather than on a reduced number of days, but there will be fewer buses. Buses will depart from Lewes at 09:10 and 12:30, arriving in Eastbourne at 10:11 and 13:24. Schooldays route 424 provides a journey at 15:15 from Lewes to Alfriston. On non-schooldays there will also be a journey from Lewes at 15:30 to Alfriston. Buses will depart from Eastbourne at 10:20 and 13:30, arriving in Lewes at 11:13 and 14:29. Wannock will not be served (route 143 offers some alternative journeys).

The Saturday 125 service, provided by Cuckmere Buses, is unchanged.

 There are very few passengers on this route, which is the only public transport link for Firle.  As usual, it is a case of use it or lose it.




 "The willingness of Government to make road building the central solution to transport problems is deplorable – that is, if you care to be guided by the best available evidence, efficient use of public funds, and ecological damage."

So says Dr Adrian Davis, Visiting Professor of Transport & Health at the University of the West of England, in a guest blog for the Campaign for Better Transport website. He's the latest in a series of academics demonstrating that new roads create new traffic.



This pedestrian campaign group is continuing its campaign for 20 mph enforcement with a recent pop-up demonstration in Southover high street.

Kevin Moore of the campaign says “We ‘engaged’ with drivers at the very busy Swan pub mini roundabout at 8am and then paraded with our 20 mph signs to outside the Kings Head pub mini roundabout where the attached photo was taken.

Many thanks to Michael and Bettina and Imogen Makepeace (who is a local town councillor) who came from the other side of Lewes to give their support.

Richard and I did a speedwatch session the day before and identified four cars who were speeding (even though they could easily see we were monitoring their speeds). These speeders (on 20 mph roads) will now be sent warning letters by the Police

We are still trying to persuade the County Council and Lewes and District and Town Councils to put 20 mph roundels on the tarmac (as in other parts of the town)”.

At the last Lewes Living Streets meeting  they agreed to mount a pop up demo at the opening of the new pedestrian crossing in Offham Road (linking Prince Edwards Road with the Landport). This crossing was a success story following over 20 years of campaigning!

The date for the pop up demo has yet to be set and will be immediately after the crossing has been completed probably in the second half of February. This pop up demo will make the point that pedestrian crossings are needed: further up Offham Road at the Piggy steps (top end of Offham Road) and also linking Kingsley Road to King Henry’s Road. We submitted a petition for the Piggy steps crossing to East Sussex county Council and await their response.

For more details about the campaign contact Kevin Moore,


The latest edition of Bus Times, the free 100 page A4 size book containing timetables for all local buses will not be available inside buses. Brighton & Hove has confirmed that copies will only be available from One Stop Travel in North Street, other information points and on line. Copies can also be ordered by post.

Thanks to Brighton Buswatch for this information.



 East Sussex Credit Union offers a discount for members on  annual season tickets t Brighton buses –


It's a perk of being a CU member and doesn't make the CU a lot of money.

Thanks to Ann Link for this information.


Leo Eyles comments

“One thing it may be worth reminding folks of, is that if you are a Network Card holder, then you should never buy a full fare return to London, since a single up and single back with a NC will always be cheaper. To the credit of ticket office staff at Lewes, they will ask when you are returning, since if you are not coming back in the evening peak, they will sell you a Super Offpeak Travelcard for the return journey, which gives you Travelcard privileges in London after 10, as well as being cheaper than a single southbound.”

Works with other railcards too.

Bill Ball says

“I believe that the Brighton & Hove Buses scratch card, available at the tourist office is still £5”. 

Simon Temple notes:

“Looking at your latest newsletter, it is interesting to see the difference between daily and season tickets for different journeys. An annual season ticket to Brighton costs 151 times the peak day return fare, while to Victoria it is only 89 times. Just one of the industry's many anomalies!”


A collection of walks from the 29 bus this month

The Lavender Line Walk, Isfield

3.8miles 6.2km. This walk offers a short and level rural ramble through the fields and woods of Isfield and also offers you the chance to visit the Lavender Line, one of the more intimate and uncrowded preserved heritage railways

Mr Van Hoogstaten's Walk, Uckfield

A 9 mile ramble through the undulating low Weald Countryside from Uckfield, featuring the footpath which was the cause of the famous battle between the Ramblers and Mr Van Hoogstraaten. Various shorter alternatives.  You need not worry. There has been no history of any problem with the famous path for many years.

Ashdown Forest

Ashdown Forest is one of the great heath lands of Southern Britain. It sits on the highest ridge top of the High Weald and is the largest free public access space in the South East.  Sadly it is infested with cars.  But this walk lets you explore the Forest using frequent buses. 10km, 6 miles.

Rotherfield Ramble

An exploration of the delightful High Weald south of Tunbridge Wells  featuring woodland, streams and the hill village of Rotherfield, using the 29 bus from Lewes  7.5 miles


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