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Lewes bus day ticket


Travelman has been known to be rude about the lack of energy put in by East Sussex County Council into publicising public transport.  You would think that it would be a no brainer to encourage people to use the bus in and around Lewes. With the county getting a fair amount of flack for its parking scheme it you would think that it would be hard to resist the possibility of putting a positive environmental spin on things.

But instead the county does nothing to publicise the fares it sets,  the validity of saver tickets, which enable you to travel on most buses in town and does not publicise its explorer tickets even thought they are cheaper than those issued by Brighton buses.

But even Travelman was amazed at the lack of publicity given to the Lewes Rover bus ticket.  As he remembers, this was introduced at the time of the introduction of the parking scheme, but Travelman, and probably most other people, had forgotten about it.  There is no publicity for it on the ESCC web site or the web sites of any of the bus companies.  So here is the secret information:

The ticket goes by a number of names. Brighton buses call it the Lewes Rover, but the council know it as the Lewes day ticket

You can buy the ticket on any bus in town, valid on all buses in the town, for £3.60, which is better value than individual tickets.  The weekly version of this ticket is £14.50

The boundaries are Malling (Stonham Cottages), Neville Crescent, The Stanley Turner and Hope in the Valley. The whole of the Neville, Malling and Winterbourne Estates are included.

If you are going to use two buses a day the daily ticket is good value.  The weekly ticket is even better value. It certainly looks a better deal than driving into town and parking.

Why does nobody know about it?