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London via Brighton




Just missed the train between Lewes and London?  Is it worth getting a train via Brighton or is it better to wait for the next direct train?  Except for advance tickets valid on specific trains, your ticket is valid on either route.

On Mondays to Saturdays, if you have just missed the train from Lewes at 50 minutes past nip over to the Brighton platform for the train at 58 minutes past the hour. This will get you into Victoria 72 minutes later (instead of the usual 68), with a 5 minute connection at Brighton.  You can also get the 7 minutes past to Brighton, but this gets you into Victoria only 4 minutes before you arrive on the next direct train.

Miss the 20 past and you could get the 29 minutes past train to Brighton, arriving in Victoria 72 minutes later, but there is only a 4 minute connection at Brighton and half an hour to wait if you miss it.  Better to have a cup of tea in the Runaway perhaps.

On the way back, If you miss the 47 minutes past the hour direct train then you may as well wait for the next one, but if you miss the 17 minutes past then the 36 minutes past the hour Brighton train will get you into Lewes in just 67 minutes, quicker than a direct train.  There is a rather alarming 4 minute connection at Brighton, but the train is on the next platform and if you miss it there is another train in 8 minutes.

These timings may not work in the rush hours.

On Sundays the only direct trains from Lewes to Victoria go at 16 minutes past the hour.  The 44 minutes past the hour could get you into Victoria 80 minutes later, but there is only a 2 minute connection at Brighton, which I wouldn’t chance, and a half hour wait if you miss it.

Coming back on Sundays the direct trains from Victoria are at 47 minutes past the hour.  You can also get the 2 minutes past service to Brighton which will get you to Lewes in 82 minutes, with a five minute connection at Brighton.

Sunday trains are disrupted by frequent engineering works.