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Featured bus route and walk- the 121 to Chailey Common


Any time is the time for woodland walks and a good place to see the woods is Chailey Common, a few miles north of Lewes.  Get the 121 bus from the bus station, High Street or Neville Road.  Timetable here  Get off at North Chailey.

 Get more information about the common here. There is a map here  One of the great things about the common is that you do not have to follow any particular route, although there is one suggested walk here and a selection of short walks here  Not all the common is trees- there are plenty of open spaces where you can appreciate the autumn sun. Last time I was there, there was a secret swing the kids could enjoy, but you will have to find it yourself.

 There is a café and a pub at North Chailey, so waiting for the return bus need not be irksome.

 Chailey common is not the only destination on the 121 for woodlands. The Horns Lodge pub in mid Chailey is a good place for woodland walks on either side of the road and on Saturdays and Summer Sundays you can get the bus to the Bluebell Railway and travel through the woods to Horsted Keynes and Kingscote.