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The Tube


If you are travelling to or across London, you are likely to end up using the tube.  To travel from Victoria to Euston or any other major station normally costs £4.30 single.  But you can get an Oyster card.  This is a card where you prepay as much as you like.  This amount is put on a card which is read by the ticket barrier or readers on buses.  You have to pay a £3 returnable deposit on the card.  Fares are then much cheaper. From Victoria to Euston or other major stations would then cost you £2 single.

If you buy a ticket from Lewes to (for example) Euston station the tube part of your fare will be priced at something between the ordinary and the Oyster prices, but you lose out on the cheap tickets that are just to Victoria.

The easiest way to get an Oyster card is to buy one at a quiet tube station booking office (i.e. not Victoria). You can buy them on line here but travelman finds the process frustrating.   If ordering on line you need to do this shortly before you first travel because the card needs to be validated within a set time.

If you are doing a lot of travelling around London and then coming back to Lewes the same day then a one day travelcard bought at Lewes can be the most convenient, but you miss out on the cheap fares that are available to Victoria. You can buy a travelcard at Victoria, or you can use an Oyster card.

It is now also possible to use an Oyster card on most overground services in London.  See here You must remember to scan your card in and out at the relevant points.