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Our local train company has started cutting some of its fares.  It is offering single tickets to London for £5.50  Some rail cards(although not all)  offer a 1/3 reduction  Is there a catch?  Well…

You need to book in advance on line (if you book at the station it costs more)

You have to go by the train you booked

You often  can’t book trains more than about 5 weeks in advance- although this varies, sometimes tickets are available 12 weeks in advance.

The tickets are not available on the busiest trains- which means that they are usually only available between 10 and 3.30 and after 7.30, plus you can’t usually use the last trains back from London.

No reductions for children

But if you’re travelling off peak and can plan your journey it’s a good deal. Book at The longer ahead you book and the more flexible about times you can be the cheaper the ticket you can get. But there can still be cheap tickets a few days before you book.

Make sure you specify "London Victoria" as your destination if you are going to London.  If you specify anything else, such as just "London" you won't see the cheap tickets.


You can now get advance tickets to  East Croydon and London stations served by Sourthern .  You can also get advance tickets to stations on Southern’s route to Milton Keynes, which runs via Kensington Olympia and Watford junction.    When searching for trains on this route you have to specify that you want to travel via Kensington Olympia.  There are reductions for some railcards