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Travel mobile phone apps




Travelman has finally worked out how to use his 3g android phone and recommends the following apps:

Rail Planner has journey planning facilities, live arrival and departure information and a “get me home” feature, which discovers the nearest stations to where you are and selects the next trains back to your home station from the one you chose.

OS Atlas lite has 1-50,000 ordnance survey maps and will find where you are and download the appropriate map square.

Backcountry Navigator will not only display 1-25,000 ordnance survey maps but will also let you download them for use off line.

Bike Hub will help you plan (sometimes eccentric) bike routes from A to B

Brighton Buses will give you actual departure times for Brighton and Hove buses from any stop you chose, or will find your nearest stop for you.

UK bus times finds the times the buses are supposed to arrive at any bus stop you nominate, or will find your nearest bust stops for you and give you the next times.

These are probably also available for the I phone, which travelman has not tried, being allergic to any electronic portable device where you can’t change the battery.